Mental pressure washing

Things that do for the cortex what peeling plastic off new electronics does for the brainstem

Mental pressure washing

Driving up to an intersection that you only know from other angles, making the area you just drove through snap into your brain’s map of the area.

Hearing that plans you’d been dreading have been cancelled.

A thought popping into your head that brings multiple things you’ve been planning or working on separately into a single overarching thread.

Randomly remembering something you were trying to remember a while ago.

Someone coming to you with rave reviews of something you recommended that they try. (Bonus points if they were initially dismissive. Also applies, arguably more so, to someone coming to you with scathing reviews of something you warned them is bad.)

Cracking a joke that makes everyone at the table laugh.

Producing the receipts that show you’re right about something when someone is adamant that you’re wrong.

Inducing an “aha” moment in someone you’re tutoring.

Putting a 7 letter word, with a letter like X or Q, on a triple word score square in Scrabble.

Seeing that there’s no one else in your row when they close the doors on your plane.